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How to UseRegister on our websiteFill the registration form at a station.
What you need・Credit card
・Mobile phone that can receive emails
Bike typeElectric bikeNormal bike
Available stationsOver100 stations (Station Map)following 2 stations
(where indicated by blue and red pins on the Station Map)
Business hour24 hours / 7 days
※Excluding some stations. Please check our Station Map.
A-01.HUBchari secretariat(Near Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Sta.)
weekdays AM 11:00 - PM 6:00 / Sat. PM 1:00 - PM 6:00
※Closed on Sundays and holidays

B-02.America-mura(Near Shinsaibashi Sta.)
AM 11:00 - PM 7:00 ※Closed on rainy days
ReservationBefore 20 min from "Membership Page" after registration.NonePossibly only at A-01.HUBchari secretariat. You must contact us by PM 12:00 the previous day.

1-time-useFirst 30 min ¥150

More than 30min per ride
(Up to ¥1,000)
ou will be charged an additional ¥2,000/day after the first day.
※Valid until PM 11:59 of the same day
1day ¥1,500
2days ¥3,000

¥500/card as a deposite

※Valid until PM 11:59 of the same day
Monthly User¥2,000/month
※ The first 30 minutes of each ride is included in the membership.
¥108 for every 30 minutes thereafter in a single ride.
※ If you choose Monthly User, your monthly fee is automatically charged to your credit card each month.
  • Bikes
  • Insurance
  • Terms of use
  • Traffic rules



  • Mobile Phone

  • Credit Card

  • Join

    Creating an account

  • ① Access our website

    Select ‘Register’. If you agree to the terms of service, click "Accept". Enter your personal information and credit card number.

  • ② Select a Plan

    Select your plan.
    1-time-use: Ideal for quick trips.
    1-day-use: Ideal for tourists/long rides.
    Monthly User: Ideal for businesses/commuting.
    Read through "Pricing" for more details.

  • ③ Membership card

    Please select "No Register". Only frequent users need to register for a card.


    Renting a bike at the station

  • ① Access “My page”

    Select a bike you would like to rent on "My Page". You will receive an email containing a “Passcode”.

  • ② Enter “Passcode”

    Press "START" on the the bike's control panel. Enter your “Passcode”.

  • ③ Open the key

    The bike lock will automatically be released.


  • ① Lock the bike manually

    Insert the bike in a rack at the station you would like to return. There are also stations without racks. Lock the bike manually.

  • ② Press "ENTER"

    Press ENTER on the bike's control panel to complete the return.

  • ③ Receive an email

    You will receive a retrieval confirmation email.

  • Temporary Parking

  • ① To Lock

    Lock the bike manually. Make sure to park the bike responsibly. You may be charged a penalty for parking illegally.

  • ② To release

    Press "Start" and enter your “Passcode”.

  • Registration

  • ① Fill the registration form

    Please come to following stations.
    Please fill the registration form and
    show us your passport.

    A-01.HUBchari secretariat
    Mon-Fri AM 11:00-PM 6:00
    Sat. PM 1:00-PM 6:00

    AM 11:00-PM 7:00 ※Closed on rainy days

  • ② Pay fee(¥2,000 or ¥3500)

    Please pay fee.

    If you use for 1 day , you need to pay ¥1,500 and ¥500 as a deposit.

    If you use for 2 days , you need to pay ¥3,000 and ¥500 as a deposit before.

  • ③ Receive IC Card

    If you loose IC Card, you can't be refunded deposit. Please be careful.


  • ① Press 【START】 button

    Press 【START】 button on the bike‘s panel you want to borrow.

  • ② Hold the IC Card

    Hold your register IC card over the Felica Card reader. Automatically the electronic lock will be open, start using.

  • Temporary Parking

  • ① Lock manually

    Stop the bike and lock it manually.

  • ② Unlock procedure

    Press 【START】 button and
    hold the IC Card over the reader to resume usage.


  • ① Return to station

    Return the bike to the station and lock it manually.

  • ② Unlock procedure

    On the bike’s control panel. Press 【ENTER】 to complete return.

  • ③ Return IC Card

    Return IC Card at following station in business hour and receive a deposit(¥500).

    But if you return another station, you can't get a deposit

    A-01.HUBchari secretariat
    Mon-Fri AM 11:00-PM 6:00
    Sat. PM 1:00-PM 6:00

    AM 11:00-PM 7:00 ※Closed on rainy days