Traffic Rules

No riding on pedestrian sidewalks

Bicycle are regarded as light vehicles in Japan. So, cyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks unless otherwise stated by road signs. However, it is allowed to ride on sidewalks depending on traffic conditions and circumstances.

2Pedestrian priority

When riding on sidewalks, cyclists should yield to pedestrians and ride slowly.

3Keep left

Cyclists must stay on the left side of the road.

4Follow the safety rules

Turn on the lights at night

If you are using our electric bike, you can turn on/off the light by using the power button attached on bike's handlebar. If you are using our non-electric bike, the light will turn on automatically at night.

No drunken cycling

Riding a bike under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Do not ride double

It is not allowed to ride with more than two persons on a bike.

Do not cycle side by side

Cyclists are not allowed to ride side by side. It may disturb others on the road.

Follow the traffic lights

Stop when there is a "STOP" sign

Wear a helmet

Children under 13 years old must wear helmets when riding bikes. HUBchari does not offer helmets, so please prepare them on your own if you need.

Do not use your phone while riding

Do not use an umbrella while riding