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About HUBchari

HUBchari, a bike sharing initiative, was launched in Osaka in 2011.
It was established to combat two of Osaka’s major problems: traffic and homelessness.
All of our revenue helps homeless people get out of poverty.
HUBchari is accessible and convenient for those wanting to get around Osaka!

Why not explore Osaka with HUBchari

Once you register with HUBchari, you become the HUB of most Osaka local spots. Our bikes(chari= bike in Osaka dialect) will lead you there .HUBchari has the following reasons to be chosen:

You get closer to local Osaka life

You navigate yourself to the destination. Every moment on your ride, you can feel local Osaka. You may come across wonderful places and ad-hoc events. This is what you cannot enjoy with other means of public transportation!

You can hop to many places in a limited time

Osaka is compact with many wonderful spots located nearby. Bikes are the fastest way to hop to many places in Osaka.

You can explore Osaka as you want

You can make a reservation just before your ride by mobile phone. HUBchari is open 24/7. You can return your bike at anytime to any of our 150+ ports located in Osaka.

Your ride on HUBchari contributes to Osaka

All of our revenue helps homeless people to escape the poverty. Your rides promote “bike-share” in Osaka and support reducing illegally parked bikes.

You can enjoy the unique feeling of an electric bike. This is Japanese Innovation.

Our bikes*1 are electric bikes (=Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle). They are classified as bicycles and there is no need for a license. You can travel longer distances without getting tired. If you have not tried an electric bike before, you can enjoy new feelings that your pedaling is assisted by the bike!
*1) Normal bikes are also available at the HUBchari office for a cheaper price.


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    Sign up anytime and
    anywhere from your
    smartphone or PC

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    Enter Passcord

  • STEP3

    Rent and Return
    at any of our stations
    Available 24 hours

  • Station Map

    Rent a bike and return it to any HUBchari station!
    *Cash payments and 1 Day Passes are available at stations with 'red & blue pins.'

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    Sightseeing in Osaka

    We suggest various sightseeing routes to suit your needs!

    • Food course

      The city of Osaka is known as the "Kitchen of the World". When you come to Osaka, you must try a lot of local food! This course allows you to enjoy famous local food of Osaka while cycling and walking. The course is perfect for first-time visitors to Osaka.

    • Couples course

      Ride "HUBchari" and go sightseeing with your lover. From Shinsaibashi to Umeda, you can enjoy a day filled with sports, art, culture and entertainment.

    • Osaka Classic course

      Are you a first-time visitor to Osaka? Choose this "Osaka Classic course". This rote takes you to the most popular spots in Osaka!