Cycle with HUBchari

Couples course

"Umeda" in "Osaka" is the well-known bustling area.
Just ride the "HUBchari" bike and go sightseeing with your partner.
From "Shinsaibashi" to "Umeda", enjoy 1 DAY tour of sports, art, and culture.
It is suitable for couples who come to Osaka for the first time.

Estimated duration
8 hours

  • B-02.America-mura

  • America-mura

  • Round1 Studium

  • Yuki Art museum

  • Tsuyu no Tenjinja (Ohatsu Tenjin)



  • A-03.Shin Umeda City

  • First, rent HUBchari!!


    Rent a HUBchari bicycle at the "B-02.America-mura" port which is in the north of Bigstep (a shopping facility)! It is close to Shinsaibashi station. There are also other stations around here, so if there no bikes available, please go to one of the other stations

  • Create memories on the young people’s street


    There are many fashionable cafes and used closed shops in America-mura.
    Take a break in Triangle Park while eating some Takoyaki, and then enter Bigstep to enjoy some shopping!

  • Enjoy sports!

    Round1 Studium

    Round1 Stadium is a famous Amusement complex. Do some bowling, play with the game machines, compete in karaoke, billiards, darts or ping pong! Finally, take some purikura (photo stickers) for your memories.

  • Understand the beauty hidden in cooking and tea!

    Yuki Art museum

    The museum focuses on tea utensils collected by Tetsuichi Yuki, who founded the famous Japanese restaurant Kiccho. The museum opened in 1987 and has been displaying Japanese crafts since then. Enjoy the Japanese artistry at its finest!

    Opening time : AM 10:00 to PM 4:30(Closed on Monday)
    Fee: ¥700(general)

  • The shrine is well known because of the love achievement, the holy land of lovers

    Tsuyu no Tenjinja (Ohatsu Tenjin)

    The small shrine is well known because it was the location of a couple who took their lives, whose story was the base of a traditional Japanese puppet play, the sad love story of "The Love Suicides at Sonezaki". Go to the shrine together, think about your past, and then wish for happy memories in the future!

  • The view on the top of Umeda


    Enjoy the beauty of Umeda with your partner! If you want, you can have your picture taken together before the ride. After getting off, enjoy a crepe for a snack!

    Opening time : AM 11:00-PM 10:45
    Fee: ¥600(general)

    5-15 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka

    5 minutes by bike

  • Touch the night sky and talk with the stars…


    Enjoy the 360 degree panoramic Osaka night sky at the observatory, where you could see as far as the Rokko Mountains. There is also an art museum on the west tower.

  • Return your bike

    A-03.Shin Umeda City

    Please return the bicycle at "A-03.Shin Umeda City" port. Don't forget lock the bike manually and push "Enter" button! Thank you so much for including HUBchari in your precious trip in Osaka!

    HUBchari station is on left side (5 racks) of this Paid parking. If you do not return your bike properly to designated HUBchari station, You may incur a parking charge via the paid parking station. If there are no available bike racks at the station you’d like to use,
    Please park your bike between bike racks.