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Osaka Okosyanse corse

"“Osaka Okosyanse” is a souvenir limited to Osaka which is officially endorsed by the Osaka City Bureau of Environment.
The name originally comes from “Kitasyanse” (which means welcome in Osaka dialect) and “Okoshi” (a traditional sweet in Osaka).
This time we will introduce famous places in Osaka drawn on the package of the product “Osaka Okosyanse”.
Let’s become a part of revitalizing Osaka!"

Estimated duration
3 - 4 hours

  • E-14. Grand Pacific Ebisuhonmachi

  • Osaka Castle Park

  • Osaka City Central Public Hall

  • Midosuji

  • Tennoji Park

  • E-04. Family Mart Naniwa Shikitsu Higashi

  • First: Rent a bicycle from a port!

    E-14. Grand Pacific Ebisuhonmachi

    Leave from the 4th exit of “Daikokucho station”, a station of the Yotsubashi line of the Osaka metro.
    Then go straight to the east for about 140m.
    When you find an intersection called “Daikoku-Higashi”, turn right. Keep going straight for 60 m, where you should pass through an intersection with a traffic light. Continue going for another 50 m, and the “Grand Pacific Ebisu-Honmachi” (an apartment building) will be on your left. There is a bicycle port in front of it.

  • One of the three great castles in Japan

    Osaka Castle Park

    The park includes Osaka Castle Tower (Osaka Castle Museum), the Nishinomaru Garden, an ume (plum tree) orchard, the Osaka-jo Hall, and a Japanese archery ground. Seasonal flowers, such as ume, cherry blossoms, and azaleas can be seen.

    Osaka Castle

    1-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka

    The castle was reconstructed in 1931 with the help of many citizens. Important cultural properties and museums such as the garden of Kishu palace and Sakuramon Gate are located here You can experience the culture and history of the Osaka Castle.

    Osaka Castle Moat

    1-1 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka

    Since it was filled up at the beginning of Taisho era (1912~), this place had been used as the playground. However, in 1999, the moat was restored to its original state.

  • An old-fashioned,Taisho Period architecture, used for cultural, artistic, and social activity purposes.

    Osaka City Central Public Hall

    Osaka City Central Public Hall is a red brick building in Nakanoshima in Osaka, surrounded by greenery and water. The building is of a steel frame and brick construction, with three stories above ground and a basement level. Construction was completed in 1918, and the cost of ¥1 million (¥5 billion in today's money) was covered by a donation from Einosuke Iwamoto, a stockbroker of the time. This large assembly hall, which has been visited by notable figures such as the social activist Helen Keller and Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, is currently used as a lecture and concert hall.

  • A main street representative of Osaka


    One of the most popular and important streets in Osaka, Mido-Suji runs from north of the Kita Area to as far as Namba in the Minami Area. Often referred to as the "Champs Elysee of the Orient", the avenue is lined with gingko trees, which cast lovely shade in the summer. When the leaves turn yellow in autumn the atmosphere of the avenue becomes even more romantic as people walking along a carpet of golden leaves. It's a fabulous way to enjoy nature in an urban setting.

  • Perfect for relaxation

    Tennoji Park

    This is one of the most famous parks in Osaka. There are a lot of people who enjoy the Japanese garden, an old tomb, the museum and the water square.


    5-55 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka

    The entrance area of the park is called Tenshiba. The area is filled with lawns.


    1-chōme-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka

    Harukas is the tallest building in Japan. Between B2F to 14F, there are many Shops, Restaurants, and Cafe.

  • Return your bike

    E-04. Family Mart Naniwa Shikitsu Higashi

    After going out from the 1st exit of “Daikokucho station”, a station of the Yotsubashi line of Osaka, go north for about 80 m. You will find “Kagonoya Daikokucho” (a restaurant) on your right, as well as the intersection called ""Shikitsu"".
    After crossing the pedestrian crossing, you will see the “Family Mart” (a convenience store) of Naniwa Shikitsu Higashi. There is a bicycle port in front of it.