Insurance for HUBchari Member / 1 Day Pass Holder

For electric bikes (HUBchari Member/1 Day Pass), the following insurance is applicable.

The bike sharing business is insured by various insurances which cover the damages might be incurred by bike users. In the event of an accident, the following coverage is applicable. If the damage incurred by the user exceeds the maximum amount of coverage, he/she must be responsible for the excess amount.
※ Please see Terms of Use for further details regarding insurance policy.

  • Case
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Your own injuries

  • Death or residual disability: 10 million yen
    Daily coverage for hospitalization: 5,000 yen
    Daily coverage for outpatient expenses: 2,500 yen

  • Compensation to
    third parties
    (Maximum coverage)

  • Personal and property liability coverage (200 million yen per accident)
    Personal liability: 200 million yen; Property liability: 200 million yen

    Special provisions
    ・Coverage for legal expenses
     Maximum limit: 10 million yen per accident, through the duration of
     an insurance policy
    ・Coverage for initial response expenses
     Maximum limit: 10 million yen per accident, through the duration of
     an insurance policy
    ・Coverage for injured persons' medical expenses
     Maximum limit: 500,000 yen per person (30,000 yen for hospital
     visitation gift)

  • Insurance for Cash Member

    HUBchari took out Premises Liability Insurance (施設所有管理者賠償責任保険) by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa for the business of renting non-electric bikes.

    Premises Liability Insurance is only applicable for the case where an accident occurs due to the negligence of our organization (e.g. improper maintenance of bikes).
    If our customers got injured or their properties were damaged, this insurance would cover the loss for which our organization is responsible (maximum coverage per accident: 50 million yen).

    Please refer to the following table for the details of coverage corresponding to Code of Civil Procedure (新民事訴訟法).

  • Case
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Cost of condolence or gifts
    for victims of accidents
    involving persons

  • Up to 10,000 yen per victim
    Up to 500,000 yen through the duration of insurance period
    ※If the payment of liability insurance claim is made later,
     the amount of coverage would be adjusted.

  • To deal with a suit claiming
    compensation for the damage

  • Up to 10 million yen through the duration of insurance period

    ・Cost of preparing documents required to be submitted
     to the other party or to the court
    ・Cost of labor such as overtime allowance and
     transportation and accommodation expenses
    ・Cost of replication of an accident and investigation of
     the causes
    ・Cost of preparing a written opinion or a written
     statement of expert opinion

  • If there is a risk of liability
    when the accident happens

  • ・Cost of preserving, recording, and cleaning up the scene
     of an accident
    ・Cost of investigating the causes and circumstances of
     an accident
    ・Cost of labor, transportation and accommodation
     needed to visit the site of an accident
    ・Cost of communication

  • Please see here for more details