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  • Electric bike

    Glitter by Panasonic is suitable for everyone! It is an electric bike, so it assists you to pedal. You can even climb up a hill easily with this bike. The control panel is attached on bike's back wheel.
    If you tap the IC card or put Passcode, the lock will open automatically.

    The bike is suitable for those who are 145 cm or taller. If the battery is fully charged and riding mode is set to 'long mode', you can ride for approximately 75km. The riding mode can be changed using the meter attached on bike's handlebar.

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  • Normal bike

    MarkRosa by Bridgestone is easy and comfortable to ride, and is suitable to ride around the city. Bike's frame is colored with light blue. The bike is 26 inch and is equipped with 6-stage gear (suitable for those who are 145 cm or taller).